An artistic solution for every creative minds looking to create, manage and showcase their work online.

PlayTheMove is all about Freedom Of Art: a way for all creative minds to showcase their work and spread their ideas throughout their communities and around the world. But more than this, Our goal is to help artists gain recognition from local communities and enrich the art culture. It’s a place where creative minds can collect their voices online and find their audience. A place that makes it easy for neighborhoods to discover their local talents, as well as a better way to connect artists with fans across the globe.

Joining PlayTheMove will give you the possibility to create, manage, and share your publications.

You can publish:
  • News: Create and share your artistic news.
  • Lists: Create and share your list of pictures, videos, audio.
  • Images: Create and share your creative photos via uploads or URLs.
  • Video: Create and share your original videos via embeds.
  • Audio: Create and share your original audio via embeds.
  • Embeds: You can publish: Videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion & Vine. Audio from Soundcloud. Social Media from Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram.
  • Quiz: Create and share your quiz. PlayTheMove supports three types of quizzes – personality (2 type), MCQ and trivia.
  • Polls: Create polls & participate in voting.
  • Gallery: Create and share galleries of your best original images.
  • Playlist: Create and share playlists of your best audios & videos.
You also have the possibility to start your online store where you can sell your artworks in our online gallery.
You will have you independent store
  • Independent store: PlayTheMove allows you to setup your store within minutes,
  • Dashboard: You will have, access to a simple, straightforward dashboard that allows easy management of product inventory, including sales, discounts, and promotions.
  • Reports: You will see your own sales report and see a bird eye view on the sales you are making.
  • Coupon Management: You will have the possibility to create discount coupons for special offers!
  • Manage Orders: You will have a total control over your orders. By marking orders as pending or processed, and shipping the products.


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