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Publish Music and Arts

Artists, Creative Minds, DJs, Singers, Bands, YouTubers, Designers, Actors, Photographers, Models, Bloggers, Writers… you are welcome to submit your Music and Arts news, stories, blogs, photo galleries, videos, audios, playlists and create polls, quizzes & meme on our website.

Please be sure that all music and artworks are made by you, if not you have to be authorized to publish it! You will be the only one responsible for any violation of any copy write. Be sure that you are mentioning every artist having part of these Music and Arts.

All posts will be approved before being live on the site, as we are not interested in posting high-quality content.


  • Our goal is to promote and share music and artistic works so; please don’t add any promotional wording to your publication’s images or videos.
  • The more artists participate in your music or artwork, the more exposure you will have (ex: you are a painter, you have an image of your paint realized by a photographer, in this case, you are two artists).
  • The most text you use to describe your creative work, the most exposure you will have thanks to our SEO
  • Send us your best music and arts with high-resolution images and no blurry pics, please.
  • Chose the best category that matches your music and arts if you think that we missed a category feel free to mention that to our team.
  • Approved music and artwork will be added to the queue for posting.
  • Approximately every 60 minutes a new music and artwork are posted to our social network, so please add your social handles to your profile to mention you.
  • All music and arts will be published if they respect our basic criteria.
  • The approved artwork might take between 1-10 days to be posted on the site. So please be patient and enjoy & share others music and artworks!



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